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Nuclear & Echo Accreditation Consultants

How do nuclear and echo accreditation consultants help? “Is it worth hiring a consultant or can we muddle through the process alone?” Each facility is different but the one thing we know we can save all clients… is TIME. As experienced consultants we can quickly and easily accredit your lab while improving the diagnostic quality of your lab. We take care of everything from start to finish.

Phenomenal Service

We know there is truly no better way to impact our industry than by providing outstanding service.  Our passion, experience and dedication to improving the quality of diagnostic imaging is what drives CardioServ to provide phenomenal consulting services with a relentless focus on customer delight.

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For the past 11 years, CardioServ has worked closely with the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission and the American College of Radiology.  We understand the differences between the two accrediting organizations and can provide insight on which application process is the best fit for your facilities specific needs.  We handle all aspects of the application through our effective and innovative process that focuses on ease and efficiency for your staff.

Innovative Process

Our passion for improving diagnostic imaging and our accreditation experience combined with the infusion of technology is what provides you with a strategic advantage to successful accreditation with quality and ease.

Gap Assessment

The first step to ensure your facility is meeting the latest Intersocietal Accreditation Commission’s (IAC) standards requires completing a full assessment and identifying any gaps between your current practices and the accreditation standards.   As accreditation consultants, CardioServ provides a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of your lab. We have infused innovative technology into this step. We use eCardioServ, our accreditation software that automates the self-assessment process and creates a custom ‘Actions Needed’ list upon completion.  We then draw upon our immense library of resources to provide you with the guidance and tools necessary to implement all required accreditation standards.

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Define Priorities

We have years of experience and we are not shy about sharing!  We let you know which steps are critical to take in the early stages to ensure successful accreditation with ease and efficiency.  Our innovative process factors in your specific needs identified during your gap assessment and creates a customized timeline for your facility.  By defining priorities early, CardioServ provides you with a strategic advantage to a timely and successful accreditation submission.


We divide and assign the many tasks and responsibilities essential for accreditation to our dynamic team of experienced consultants. We have the savvy to implement technology for tedious tasks and the dedication to provide you with phenomenal personalized attention every step of the way.  We combine our experience, resources, passion and technology to provide you with a new way to achieve accreditation!


CardioServ is relentless with our commitment to provide you with phenomenal service and improve the way you achieve accreditation. Our ability to continue to be efficient and effective throughout the entire accreditation process while maintaining a sense of quality and ease will amaze you!  After submission of your application we respond to all requests from the accrediting organization and in the event of a delayed status we submit your rectification package.  We stay with you through the entire process – until your accreditation certificate is hanging on the wall!

Next Steps


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Let’s chat!  You don’t need to be organized with an accreditation plan before reaching out!  Whatever your situation a quick call will add value to your thought process.  Whether accreditation is just a distant goal or you have a structured accreditation program we will provide recommendations to help you.  Take the next step to improve the way you achieve accreditation.  Call today!  1 (800) 964-1372 ext. 101 or schedule your free consultation. 



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If you would like us to email you a quote, complete a brief online form.  Let us know the size and location of your facility and we will send you a quote.  It’s that simple! If your lab is quickly approaching your expiration date:  Remember the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission recommends submitting 3 MONTHS in advance.  Don’t delay, get your quote today!

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