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We know there is truly no better way to impact our industry than by providing phenomenal service.  Our passion, experience and dedication to improving the quality of diagnostic imaging is what drives CardioServ to provide phenomenal consulting services with a relentless focus on customer delight.

What we do

In short, we handle everything from start to finish!

  • Assess your lab
  • Complete / update your policies to and procedures
  • Complete / update your quality improvement measures
    • Report completeness / timeliness
    • Appropriate Use Criteria
    • Technical Quality
    • Interpretive Quality
    • Clinical Correlation
  • Complete and submit your electronic application
  • Work with all members of your team to ensure success

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If you lab is quickly approaching your expiration date:  Remember the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission recommends submitting 3 MONTHS in advance.  Don’t delay, get your quote today!


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