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“I don’t have time for accreditation!”

The main challenge most facilities face with the accreditation process is TIME.  Here are a few of the issues many face:  “Where do I begin?”,  “How do I find time to work on accreditation when my work load remains the same?”, “What’s the best way to get everyone on the same page?”, “I hate paper work!”, “I hate writing policies and procedures!”, “I am not an administrator…I am clinical…why am I stuck with all this paperwork?”, “I feel overwhelmed.”

I am sure these issues resonate with you too, and probably some other challenges that aren’t even listed!  Rest assured, we can help.

Online Echo CMEs

You spoke, we listened!  You need nuclear and echo online CMEs that are quick and easy to obtain, yet contain quality material that is relevant to your daily practice.  We have created an online learning platform to provide you with cat 1, AMA Online echo CMEs.  CardioServ is thrilled to announce this new resource, allowing you to maintain CME requirements and advance your  skills in an easy, accessible and fun way!

Echo Accreditation Software

Would you like to streamline the echo accreditation process, especially the ongoing quality improvement measures?  We have a solution!  eCardioServ is an online echo accreditation software program that automates the entire accreditation process for you. Just answer a few simple questions and with the click of a button, you can complete your QI measures, generate quality improvement reports and even create customized policies and procedures!  Intended for echo accreditation through the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) (ICAEL)


You don’t need to be organized with an accreditation plan before reaching out!  Whatever your situation a quick call will add value to your thought process.  Whether accreditation is just a distant goal or you have a structured accreditation program we will provide recommendations to help you.


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