Hospital Accreditation

As the leader in hospital cardiovascular accreditation we are aware of the complex challenges of accreditation within a hospital setting.  CardioServ works with you to address your unique needs with our innovative consulting process and hands-on approach.  We actively participate throughout your entire accreditation process with on-site visits, clinical development and standing meetings.  We recognize and respond to your changing needs as we drive your team to successful accreditation.

Full Service Accreditation

Our Hospital accreditation program packs the passion and dedication that we provide to all our clients with the added value of both experience and a deep understanding of hospital accreditation.  Our scope of services are outlined under Full Service Accreditation along with the 4 steps to our innovative process that provides you with a strategic advantage to successful accreditation.

Hospital Accreditation

Hospital accreditation is often more challenging than a private practice application due to a larger staff volume making it difficult to standardize a facility.  Clinicians and physicians may individually meet accreditation standards, but collectively are not uniform with one set of practices.  This is often the case when the medical staff is comprised of physicians from different private practices.

As leaders in hospital accreditation our experienced team has perfected best practices for your success.  We recognize the diverse roles of your staff and have developed support systems specific to individual needs that are centered on successful compliance with ease.  Our passion for improving the way you achieve accreditation includes our relentless focus on customer delight.

Clinical Staff

CardioServ has a soft spot for sonographers and technologists! Many of us here at CardioServ come from clinical backgrounds and recall the challenges of juggling clinical responsibilities, patient care and other expectations – all while remembering that every patient is someone’s family member, someone’s loved one, deserving the quality exam we would want performed on our own mother.  We provide intuitive, responsive support and enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge of diagnostic imaging for your clinical development and continued quality improvement.

Medical Staff

We simplify the demands placed on busy physicians during the accreditation process.  It can be challenging to blend experienced physicians, accustomed to their own nuances of practice, to achieve standardization within the hospital setting.  Through years of experience we have created a system of physician compliance centered on ease, working directly with each physician. Physician Whisperers, Compliance Gurus and Collaboration Wizards are just a few of our titles!


We haven’t forgotten about the tireless work of directors and administrators and our team is happy to do the heavy lifting when it comes to the administrative aspects of the application process. We prepare your application and drive your team towards successful completion while keeping you informed with the progress of your team.

Next Step

angela schedule nowLet’s chat!  You don’t need to be organized with an accreditation plan before reaching out!  Whatever your situation a quick call will add value to your thought process.  Whether accreditation is just a distant goal or you have a structured accreditation program we will provide recommendations to help you.  Take the next step to improving the way you achieve accreditation.  Call today!


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