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Do It Yourself Lab Accreditation Software

Do It Yourself Accreditation Software

As the need for accreditation keeps growing, with more and more insurance companies requiring accreditation as a condition for reimbursement, the demand on sonographers and technologists is increasing. We recognize the challenges of those faced with the responsibility of lab accreditation and understand the complexities involved in juggling both clinical responsibilities along with the demands of accreditation work.

Allow us to help! In addition to the full service accreditation services we offer we now are proud to provide additional accreditation resources to anyone looking for a Do-It-Yourself’ tool. AccreditCoach is an online, easy to use, software services that provides a step by step guide to accreditation. In addition to the accreditation coaching built into the software you will find a wealth of tools and resources to assist you with meeting the Accreditation Standards. The software is broken down into 4 simple modules:

  • Getting Started
  • Self-Assessment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Submission

Getting Started

AccreditCoach acts as your project manager and prioritizes the steps you take in order to ensure timely submission. You achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort as you are guided through what to do and how to do it! AccreditCoach identifies the 5 steps to complete first, that are fundamental to a successful and speedy accreditation submission.


The self-assessment tool is designed to walk you through the Accreditation Standards and provide you with all the tips and tools you need to meet each standard. A simple to use question and answer format quickly generates a To Do List of the actions needed to meet the Accreditation Standards and Guidelines. In addition, after completing your self-assessment and your Actions Needed you will be guided to the Create Policies Page that allows you to generate personalized policies and procedures for your lab.

Quality Improvement

In order to achieve and maintain accreditation all labs must participate in on-going quality improvement. AccreditCoach has automated this entire process. All QI measures can be quickly entered, processed and finalized within AccreditCoach. Quality Improvement Reports generated with the click of a button! Even the clinical correlation is automated! Just enter your test findings and click a button; the clinical knowledge is built into the system. Your final reports will calculate if your findings correlate or grade the discrepancies as minor or major.

Each Quality Improvement Measure has a simple intake form that generates accurate reports and meets all accreditation requirements. Now you can create your Quality Improvement Meeting minutes and annual summaries with the click of a button! Even peer review is streamlined within AccreditCoach! Quality Improvement Measures include:

  • Report Completeness
  • Report Turnaround Time
  • Clinical Correlation
  • Peer Review
  • QI Meeting Minutes
  • Annual Summary
  • AUC – Appropriate Use Criteria


AccreditCoach understands that hitting the submit button on your application can be scary! Is everything good enough? Did I forget something? Will I pass? The Submit Module provides peace of mind. A Case Study Guide allows you to assess your case studies and the Final Check List will ensure that you didn’t forget anything!

If you have time allotted to work on accreditation or work at a facility that mandates in-house accreditation than AccreditCoach is the solution that will allow you to easily, efficiently and effectively accredit your lab. Watch a demo of AccreditCOACH do it yourself lab accreditation software HERE.

Or visit AccreditCOACH directly to find out more about our online Do-it-yourself lab accreditation software.

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