Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

Ultimate Guide to Acute vs. Chronic MR

As we  continue our blog journey on the topic of mitral regurgitation, we hope you have been able to review our prior educational posts! If not, no worries-- you can find them here! Mitral Valve Anatomy: Name 5 Components! Finally...Mitral Valve Orientation Explained! Smart Strategies...
Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE and Andrea Fields, MHA, RDCS

Calculating LVM via 2D Truncated Ellipsoid Method

In earlier blogs we discussed calculating the left ventricular mass (LVM) via the 2D Linear Cubed Method with assumes an ellipse shape with a major/minor axis ratio of 2:1.  We received a follow up question from a reader:  “Can you please provide the reference for NOT using cube method...
Written by Judith Buckland, RDCS, FASE, MBA and Andrea Fields, MHA, RDCS

Should LV Mass be indexed with Height or BSA?

We recently posted a 2-part blog series on how to calculate LV Mass (LVM) and one of our readers provided some great feedback regarding the impact of height on LVM.  We thought this reader’s comment was worth sharing and answering. Reader:  Using body surface area to normalize LVM will...
Written by Judith Buckland, RDCS, FASE, MBA

Understanding LVH Part 2: How to Measure LV Mass and Diagnose LVH

As diagnostic imaging professionals, we often perform echocardiograms on patients with hypertension to monitor the thickness, strength and wall motion of the heart. Last week we launched our two-part blog on left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH). In part one we explained the pathophysiology behind the...
Written by Judith Buckland, RDCS, FASE, MBA and Andrea Fields, MHA, RDCS

Understanding LVH Part 1: Concentric, Eccentric and Concentric Remodeling

Last month was designated American Heart Month to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease, the leading fatality of Americans. AHA encourages our patients to take control over understanding their risk factors of heart disease including knowing their numbers related to blood pressure. Untreated...

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