About Us

Everything we do, at CardioServ, is driven by our passion to inspire you to be your best and improve the quality of diagnostic imaging.  The fun we have as a company is developing the best services and products to provide you with the tools to do just that.  We believe that accreditation, education and clinical development all cultivate an environment of continuous quality improvement and inspire excellence in imaging.

Our clients range from large hospitals to solo physicians that all share the same desire for improving the quality of diagnostic imaging.  Whether you choose accreditation, education or a clinical development program to improve diagnostic imaging at your facility we believe in using an innovative process that combines our passion, experience and resources with the latest technology to provide you with a strategic advantage for success.

Our phenomenal service reflects our continued commitment towards building lasting relationships with our clients.  Our passion drives our relentless quest to inspire every clinician, physician and administrator to join our movement and improve the quality of diagnostic imaging. Whatever level of support you require, we provide the resources, experience and empowerment to improve the way you advance clinical skills, educate staff and achieve accreditation.

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Meet the staff

Individually we are a unique collection of professionals with a zeal for excellence.  Together we are starting a movement to inspire excellence in imaging!

Judith Buckland

Founder and CEO
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Joanne Ryan

Administrative Director
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Angela Mills

Vascular Clinical Director
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Andrea Fields

Cardiac Clinical Director
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Evy Terron

Patient Safety Officer
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Rhiannon Anderson

Education and Research Director
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Hannes van der Merwe

Software Developer
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Samantha Ryan

Data Processor
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Ingrid Marais

Graphic Designer
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