Medical Education

Our main goal at CardioServ, is to inspire excellence in imaging and we believe this includes helping you to be your best.  Everyone has a role in improving the quality of diagnostic imaging and we provide you with the tools to make advancing your specific skills easy, accessible and fun!  We know that having the latest information regarding best practices, imaging techniques and practical applications allows you to perform better.  This is why we offer different learning opportunities including our blog, webinars and live meetings.

While working with labs across the US we found clinicians and physicians that were caring and conscientious about providing quality diagnostic care yet were making mistakes regarding techniques.  Often these mistakes had been passed down to them from their mentors.  It’s easy to assume that mistakes are made because someone is rushing or not caring but after meeting amazing compassionate staff, that would spend extra time trying to ensure quality exams, we realized that often imaging technique errors were simply due to a lack of knowledge.  It was this realization that made CardioServ focus on dedicating more time to education.

CardioServ Blog

We all live busy lives  and often only have small increments of time available to keep up with industry standards and best practices.  The more staff we interacted with is the more we realized how valuable providing education in bite size pieces would be.  We are happy to simplify the latest imaging guidelines into blogs that provide tips and techniques that are quick and easy to access and review anytime.  We welcome guest writers, so if you are passionate about a topic and want to share, please contact us.  We also enjoy receiving topic suggestions so feel free to drop us a line and request a topic you would like us to cover.  We believe that we should all share our knowledge to inspire excellence in imaging!

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Online Webinars

We are happy to offer webinar topics offering CME credits in the following topics:

  • Accreditation strategies
  • Echo left heart chamber quantification
  • Echo right heart chamber quantification
  • Pulmonary hypertension correct echo techniques
  • Carotid vascular techniques

We continue to develop our webinar series and are working diligently on providing new topics for the future to include:

  • Vascular ultrasound
  • Vein center best practices
  • Adult Echo case studies
  • Nuclear cardiology best practices

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Medical Education

There is something special about the ‘in-person’ learning experience.  We love the interaction of live presentations and provide on-campus educational meetings.  Remember our goal is to inspire excellence in imaging and what better way than in person!  We love what we do and our enthusiasm and love of diagnostic imaging shines through in our live meetings.  We are happy to talk at your next QI meeting, society meeting or just a small casual department meeting.  Whatever it takes to pass on our joy of excellence in imaging!

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