eCardioServ Echo Accreditation Software provides different levels of service to meet your needs.

The “You Can Do It” Plans provide you with echo accreditation software that includes all the online resources you need to successfully submit your application.

The “CardioServ Helps” Plans provide you with everything from consultant meetings and presubmission application review to full service that includes CardioServ handling everything from start to finish.


You can do it
Basic Plan
Accreditation Software
Modalities: Adult Echo
Account User(s): 1
Echo Staff (performing & interpreting): 1 - 8
Lab locations: 1


You can do it
Plus Plan
Accreditation Software
Modalities: Adult Echo, Stress Echo, TEE
Account User(s): 1-5
Echo Staff (performing & interpreting): 1 - 30
Lab locations: 1-5
Additional users, staff, locations available - call for custom plan


CardioServ Helps
Customized Plan and Pricing
Have an experienced consultant handle everything for you from start to finish
As little or as much help as needed
CardioServ completes Quality Improvement Measures
Review and select case studies
Educational feedback
Ask about our Hospital Plans

Plan Comparison

You can do it!
CardioServ Helps
Site Specific Pricing
Account Users
Adult Echo
Stress Echo & TEE
Echo Staff (performing & interpretive)
Consultant Meetings
Application Review (prior to submission)
IAC Application Completed by CardioServ
Case Study Review and Selection
Educational Support (site specific)


How do I pay?

You Can Do It Plans require automatic online credit card payments.

CardioServ Help Plans require a signed contract and paper invoicing.  Credit card payments can be arranged upon the execution of a signed contract.

Can I cancel anytime?
  • The Basic and Plus Plans have month-to-month fees and can be canceled at any time.
  • The CardioServ Helps Plans have flat annual fees broken down into monthly payments.  These plans require a signed contract.
    • Assist = $4,788/yr = $399/month
    • Advanced = $7,188/yr = $599/month
    • Premium = $$11,280/yr = $940/month
What does "echo staff" mean? How do I calculate the number of echo staff?

The number of echo staff includes the number of sonographers that perform exams and the number of reading physicians.  This represents the members of the medical and technical staff as it will be entered into your accreditation application.

What are consultation meetings?

This refers to one-on-one sessions with one of our accreditation consutlants.  This may be in the form of a telephone or zoom call to address your specific needs and concerns and to answer any questions.

What does the Case Study Review and Selection include?

One of our echo specialists will review your potential case studies and help you select the best cases to submit with your application that best meets the standards.

What is included with Educational Support?

All premium customers will receive detailed reviews of their case studies, including education on correct techniques to address specific issues identified in each case.  Click to see Example case study review report.

Can I really complete my accreditation application using just the You Can Do It Plans?

Absolutely!  eCardioServ provides you with ALL the tools you need to successfully achieve the recognition of accreditation.  You will be guided through every step of the process.  Upon submission of your application, IAC will review your application and if there are any issues they will grant you a delayed status along with a detailed list of next steps.  So don’t worry, both eCardioServ and IAC have your back!

How do I know which plan is best for me?

The You Can Do It Plans are intended for any facility (small or large) that has someone committed to completing the accreditation process and just needs a little guidance to help them along.

The CardioServ Help Plans are intended for any facility (small or large) that would prefer a little extra hand-holding.

Assist Plan – Quarterly meetings with a consultant to discuss site-specific issues you may be facing.  Additionally, your application will be reviewed by our consultants prior to submission.

Advanced Plan – Monthly meetings with a consultant and CardioServ will complete and submit your online IAC application for you.

Premium Plan – Unlimited access to consultants and CardioServ completes your online IAC application.  The best feature of this plan is that CardioServ will review and select your case studies with you.  This plan is great for hospitals and larger labs with a large staff count making case studies challenging to select and/or those labs seeking educational feedback regarding the quality of echocardiograms performed at their facility.

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely.  You can change your plan within your account settings.  Do It Yourself Plans will change as soon as your credit card billing information updates.  To change a CardioServ Helps Plan, just reach out to us to discuss the terms of your contract and we can best meet your changing needs.

I'm not sure if this will work for me.

Try it for free for a month!  Sign up for the Basic or Plus Plan and receive one month free.  You can check out all the software features and see if it’s a good fit for you.  At the end of the month, you can cancel, stick with the plan you have, or upgrade to a CardioServ Helps Plan.


Ashchi Heart and Vascular Center

One word to describe CardioServ…AWESOME! This company has wonderful communication skills and we could not ask for a better partnership! CardioServ was there every step of the way and put our company at ease knowing we were in good hands.

Rena Griffin - Practice Manager

On our educational articles

I want to compliment your staff on presenting excellent articles on measuring for echo. It’s some of the best material I’ve seen on the net that is applicable. For years I’ve felt that this kind of material should be presented at the ASE conferences. Most new techs really don’t know the basics well and experienced techs think they know it all. Your presentations are very user friendly and being well received her in Macon, GA where I work with mobile echo. So, congratulations on your excellent work!

Dale Myers, RDCS

Tenet Florida Physician Services

I had the good fortune to meet Judith a number of years ago when we sought her counsel in assisting with the accreditation of our echo lab. Achieving our accreditation was only the beginning of what has become as extremely valuable relationship that has allowed us to maintain our accreditation and more importantly improved the quality of our echocardiography imaging and reporting and has facilitated our ability to provide outstanding care to our patients. Judith has been instrumental in elevating the overall quality of echocardiography in our community by providing educational experiences and recognizing the importance of achieving high quality noninvasive cardiac imaging. It is without reservation that I can recommend Judith and Cardioserv.

Eric H. Lieberman, M.D.

Bethesda Memorial Hospital

CardioServ’s Full Service Consulting enabled us to be the first hospital in Palm Beach County to achieve ICAEL Accreditation. CardioServ exceeded our expectations; the process was quick and easy.

Earsel McCleese - Cardiopulmonary Manager

Florida Cardiology Group

CardioServ knows more about echo lab credentialling than anyone I know. They made our accreditation and re-accreditation as painless as possible!

Steven Borzak, MD

Florida Medical Center

At FMC, we are so grateful for the fact that CardioServ is currently in the process of completing FMC’s 3rd re-accreditation and has maintained our ongoing QI program since 2009.  CardioServ  has kept our medical and clinical staff up-to-date with all QI standards, ensuring that we continuously-remain “audit-ready” and providing optimal patient outcomes. CardioServ’s quarterly staff meetings are enjoyed by all physicians and sonographers with great educational presentations which keep our staff current with the latest practices and interesting case studies.  We have enjoyed a long term working relationship with CardioServ.  They are truly great to work with, responsive to all our needs and extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all things echo-related!

Robert Dzwonkowski RRT, RN - Imaging and Cardiopulmonary Services Director

Intrascoastal Cardiology Center

CardioServ was instrumental in bringing together the many cardiologists at Bethesda Heart Hospital to form a cohesive reading panel group. This allowed them to pursue, attain and maintain national accreditation for the hospital’s echocardiography lab. My private practice partners and I were so impressed with their work that we hired them to be our nuclear laboratory consultants to spearhead our reaccreditation process. CardioServ has my full confidence and highest recommendation.

Michael Anesta, MD

JFK Medical Center

I’m the Lead of the Echo dept at JFK Medical Center. We have 10 techs total and 36 Cardiologists so I had a huge beast to tackle and this was our first time going through the Accreditation process. After a while of working on it my own literally writing all my own policies and doing documentation myself which I found out later was more than I really needed to do, the CEO finally agreed to purchase AccreditCoach. The hospital would not pay for a full time consultant to do it, but honestly this was better. It’s the easiest way to achieve accreditation.

The software essentially does the work for you. It generates ALL the necessary policies all you have to do is upload just a little bit of information. In addition Consultants are available as an amazing resource for ANY questions I have and always available for guidance.  It was so simple and took a gigantic burden off of my back. I had stressed about accreditation every day and when we finally got AccreditCoach and I met with Judith it was literally a breeze to achieve AND I now have the tools, knowledge and this amazing software to continue all of my QI documentation from here on out.  I promise you this software will save your life and sanity and is fail proof!

Janette Jones, RDCS - Technical Director

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

For the main hospital (I am the technical director) we didn’t want to be out of touch with the accreditation process.  We value the QA measures and use them to improve our lab, but organizing all of it was a nightmare.  The AccreditCoach software is perfect!  The software provides great structure and organization so that any lab, especially a big lab can get the most out of their accreditation process.  For example:  I found writing QI meeting minutes and preparing a power point presentation for our meeting to be the most daunting and time consuming.  AccreditCoach takes the QI measures you have inputted and creates the meeting minutes for you.  Since the process is laid out so well in the software I have found sonographers and physicians to be more interactive at our meetings.  A great product!

Robyn Doane, RDCS - Technical Director

Cardiovascular Institute of Central Florida

I really really enjoyed working with CardioServ from the beginning to the end. The staff was always there for us, working around our schedule to get the job done. What impressed me the most was their dedication and love for what they do. They were such a great support. I appreciate their constant encouragement to continue no matter how hard it was to get all the information together. I don’t think we could have accomplished this in a timely manner with our busy schedule. I have and will continue to recommend them to all who need their accreditation done. THANK YOU for ALL your help.

Lisbeth Robelo - Technical Director

First Coast Heart and Vascular Center

We have had the pleasure of working with Cardioserv through 2 accreditation cycles, several offices and multiple modalities (Echo, Vascular and Nuclear) I’m pleased to say that with Cardioserv’s help, we passed all of them and on the first run.  They say actions speak louder than words, so since we passed each time that should say a lot!

Jim Needham - CEO

Delray Medical Center

Thank you Judith and the whole CardioServ team! It was a pleasure having you give a presentation at Delray Medical Center. It was informative and helped us tremendously in our day to day echo measurements and techniques.  I speak for the whole team at Delray Medical Center and thank you for your insight and taking the time to present to us this very important meeting.

Ingrid Altamar, RDCS Echo Supervisor

The Cardiovascular Center

I am a vascular tech that was asked to get our cardiologist office lab accredited for vasuclar, we already had a contract with a similar company. The first company we tried made the process so complicated I felt like they were hindering me more than helping me. In stepped cardioserve and before I knew it our lab was accredited. They made the proccess so effortless and painless and answered my emails very promtly. I highly recommend them.

Stacey Kincaid, Technical Director

Tenet Florida Physician Services

CardioServ’s attention to the details necessary for the successful completion of both our Echo and Nuclear Accreditation, together with responsiveness to all our needs, exceeded our expectations.

Mark Gardner, MD

Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic

We are a seven physician high volume cardiology practice accredited since 2009, and will be re certifying again at the end of this year. CardioServ took care of all or needs and requirements that allowed us to achieve accreditation the very first time. They continue to be extremely supportive, keeping us on track and up to date. The staff has always been available to answer any questions or concerns. I highly recommend CardioServ.

Daryl Ann Berntsen RT, RVT, RDCS


Judith and her firm, CardioServ were retained to assist us with getting our ICAVL accreditation. This process was lengthy and arduous, and we had many challenges along the way. Judith stuck with us, and she and her team always maintained a friendly, supportive and professional demeanor with everyone on our team. Her expertise in this area was invaluable. I really doubt iCardio/Diagnostic Partners could have made it through without her. We are happy to report that we did make it through, and that we are now ICAVL accredited. Outstanding effort, and an outstanding result.

Carolyn Weidell, Executive Business Consultant

Elmhurst Hospital

CardioServ is very well run, highly professional consulting service. I recommend them without hesitation.

Jeffrey Silbiger, MD
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