Quality Improvement

Everything we do, at CardioServ, is driven by our passion to inspire you to be your best and improve the quality of diagnostic imaging.  We believe that an environment of continuous quality improvement is vital to a successful diagnostic imaging program. We built our quality improvement programs to meet all accreditation requirements with an additional focus on education and clinical development. Our QI Maintenance programs are set up to address all quarterly and annual QI requirements for accreditation with the additional benefit of free audit assistance and free re-accreditation.

Accreditation Requirements

Whether you are accredited through IAC or through ACR there are on-going quality improvement measures that are required. The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission recently standardized their QI measures across all modalities allowing for a more streamlined process. Here at CardioServ, our entire team will collect, process and analyze your QI data each quarter to ensure you remain audit ready at all times.

How We Help

We process all accreditation required QI Measures. Many facilities provide us with remote access. This allows us to gather the necessary documents, review images and provide educational and clinical development training. When remote access is not available we request documents once a quarter to process your QI Measures. We complete all required measures:

  • Test Appropriateness
  • Report Completeness/timeliness
  • Technical Measure
  • Interpretive Quality
  • Clinical correlation / Case study review

Ease and Quality

We believe that one of the ways we can help you is to make the process simple and efficient. We make sure to ease the burden on clinical and medical staff so we can focus on improving quality. We use innovative technology to perform advanced analytics to provide valuable information for your lab to drive change. We focus on providing education and best industry practices to ensure your lab stays current with the latest guidelines and standards. We offer different levels of educational support to meet the needs of your facility. We provide educational material with each quarterly summary report. If you need more educational support, our team is happy to come on campus and provide quarterly educational meetings to review your QI program and provide live education and clinical development.

Audit Assistance

For all of our clients enrolled in our Quality Improvement Maintenance Plans we provide free audit assistance. Every accreditation cycle your lab will, at a minimum, receive a paper audit. We will process your audit for you. It’s just one of the many perks for enrolling in our QI Maintenance Plan.

Free Reaccreditation

Why would we offer free re-accreditation? We are so confident that our Quality Improvement Maintenance Plan will keep you on track, identify quality issues and improve the overall quality of diagnostic imaging within your lab that we are more than happy to submit your re-accreditation application! We stand behind our commitment and it’s our way of thanking you for joining our movement to inspire excellence in imaging.

Next Step

angela schedule nowLet’s chat!  We can review your specific Quality Improvement needs. We will create a QI Maintenance program specific to your budget and your needs. Not sure what you need? No worries, give us a call anyway so we can share the many resources we offer to get you on track. Take the next step to maintaining your quality improvement program.  Call today!


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