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We love to share our passion and innovative consulting services with all facilities, even those that handle their accreditation internally. Whether this is due to wanting a more hands on approach or due to hospital mandates, CardioServ is committed to improving the way you achieve and maintain accreditation!

CardioServ developed AccreditCoach, an online accreditation software program, that streamlines accreditation by automating the process.  AccreditCoach combines our wealth of clinical and consulting experience with the latest technology to deliver an easy, efficient and effective accreditation tool.

AccreditCoach Features

AccreditCoach guides you step by step through the entire accreditation process, automating each step and generating the necessary reports, documents and policies necessary for successful accreditation.  You receive additional support with weekly eTutoring that delivers tips and techniques to keep you on track for the week.  Premium and Hospital subscriptions include standing meetings with one of our accreditation consultants to provide an extra layer of personalized help.

Product Tour

Seeing is believing!  There is no easier way to understand  how AccreditCoach can help you, than by taking a quick look for yourself!  Each short video below showcases a feature of AccreditCoach.

AccreditCoach is currently available for first time accreditation, re-accreditation and ongoing quality improvement measures for adult echocardiography accreditation through the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. Vascular Ultrasound and Nuclear Cardiology coming soon!

Quality Improvement

AccreditCoach can be used to maintain your current Quality Improvement Program within your accredited facility or for first time labs setting up a new Quality Improvement Program. All required documents are generated with the click of a button after entering some easy to enter data. All findings are processed and accurate reports and created and saved.  Watch this 50 second video product tour of the quality improvement module!

Getting Started

Whether you are seeking first time accreditation or reaccreditation, you still need a plan to complete the process.  No problem! AccreditCoach prioritizes the steps you take, in order to ensure timely submission. The ‘Getting Started’ module acts as your project manager by identifying 5 steps to complete first in the early stages to allow for successful accreditation with ease and efficiency. Watch this short video product tour – less than 2 minutes!

Self Assessment

AccreditCoach makes it easy to ensure your facility meets all the latest accreditation standards.  Using the Self-Assessment tool, by answering simple questions about your facility, you will quickly identify areas for improvement.  You will receive a personalized ‘Action Needed’ list to address all deficiencies along with a wealth of resources to help you meet each standard. Watch this 70 second video product tour of the self assessment module!

Policies and Procedures

After addressing the ‘actions needed’ identified during your self-assessment your lab will be up to speed with meeting all accreditation standards.  Once you are ready to create your personalized policies just answer some simple questions about the specific practices within your facility.  With the click of a button a complete policy and procedure manual is created. Watch this 45 second video product tour to see how easy it is to create compliant policies!

Next Step

There is finally a tool to help you achieve and maintain accreditation that is easy, efficient and effective to use!  Learn more about our basic, premium and hospital packages and see which level of support best meets your needs.  All packages include weekly eTutoring!    Start using AccreditCoach today to improve the way you achieve accreditation.  Sign Up now! 

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