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2018 Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM)

Ultrasound awareness month logoCardioServ supports 2018 Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM)

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM) is held annually in October to create awareness of the role diagnostic medical sonographers play in the medical community and to educate the public about medical ultrasound and its many uses in healthcare.  We would like to recognize and thank the many individuals that work tirelessly, day-in and day-out, to provide the highest level of care to their patients.  We have found that many healthcare providers are unaware of the skill and dedication required to excel in ultrasound.  Ultrasound remains one of the few diagnostic imaging modalities that relies so heavily on the skill of the operator!

Free Sonographer Echo Symposium to support MUAM!

This year to show our support for Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM), we put together a half-day echo symposium for free!  The event will be held on October 20th, 2018 at Bethesda Hospital East.  We appreciate the support from Bethesda Memorial Hospital, Philips Ultrasound, Abbott Medical and GE Ultrasound.  We understand that only so many sonographer’s can attend the live conference which is why we will be streaming the event live.  So if you don’t live here in South Florida, or if all the seats are taken, not to worry…sign up for a free live streaming ticket and we will send you the login details!  For more information check out these links:

2018 Inspiring Excellence in Imaging Award

Last year’s award focused on a ‘good catch’ made with ultrasound.  A near missed diagnosis that was correctly called.  Be sure to read the stories of last years winners!   This year we would like to focus on those advancing the field of ultrasound through education and mentoring.

Nominate someone that has inspired you through mentoring or teaching!

ultrasound appreciation awardFor Ultrasound Awareness Month this year, nominate a sonographer that has inspired you through their teaching or mentoring.  They do not need to be a teacher, they may be the person who took you under their wing when you were doing your clinicals, or a sonographer that takes the time to review interesting cases with you.  You can nominate anyone that has inspired you or others through mentoring and education.

Nominate a sonographer and tell us your brief story of how they inspire excellence in imaging.  We will review all of your stories and select the three best.  Two runner-ups will receive Imaging in Excellence Certificates and the winner will win an additional award along with their name, picture and story featured on our website and blog! We will even send a letter to their employee, alerting them of their Excellence In Imaging recognition.  So don’t be shy!!  Nominate a sonographer from your department today.  Who comes to mind, who deserves recognition?  Nominate them now!

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2017 Inspiring Excellence in Imaging Award Winner

Last year we held the first Inspiring Excellence in Imaging Award.  The first place winner was selected from a panel of judges that included Dr. Ronald Wharton (cardiologist from Montefiore Medical Center and Medscape contributing author), Nicole Horve, (council member at ARDMS) and CardioServ staff.

Our first place winner was Meenarani S.  Meena received her Graduate diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound in 2010 and Fellowship in Echocardiography from Indian Academy of Echocardiography.  She currently works as the Senior Clinical and Cardiac Research Sonographer at Monash Medical Center in Melbourne, Australia. Meena is involved in multi-centered research trials conducted by Core Lab as well as presenting on-going research at conferences. She also is the department supervisor and lead educator for the clinical sonography students.

Meena choose a career in cardiac sonography after being introduced to the field by one of her healthcare role models. Being able to scan and diagnose patients provides her with a rewarding and gratifying experience everyday.  Read the entire story and her successful diagnosis of a ventricular septal rupture.  Thank you Meena for taking the time to correctly diagnose your patient, saving their life!

Inspiring Excellence Award Winners

What we learned from last years competition!

Last year we were so excited to launch our recognition award, we had picked out a delicate glass heart shaped award, and we waited for the nominations to come in.  Boy oh boy, did they come in … and from all around the world!  The judges ended up selecting our winner only to realize that Meena lived in New Zealand!  We had to rethink the delicate glass award we had selected and replace it with something that was sturdy enough to be shipped around the world yet special enough to provide the much deserved recognition.  Our first place winner Meena, was extremely patient and kind as we re-selected the final award to ship out to her.

2018 Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month:  Show your Love!ultrasound appreciation gift

Looking for a great gift for 2018 Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month?  Let your ultrasound team know they are appreciated and valued with a gift!  Give them the love and appreciation they deserve with a stainless steel, double insulated 16oz cup that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours!

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