Written by Judith Buckland

The Absolute Easiest Way to Accredit Your Echo Lab…Ever!

Accreditation doesn’t have to make you tear your hair out!

The words we hear most often (that we can repeat here!) when we discuss Accreditation is “tedious”, “time-consuming” and “frustrating”. Clients ask me if I’m a glutton for punishment to spend all day, every day processing accreditation applications and dealing with so much paperwork!!

How do we accredit so many labs each year (25 in 2015 to be exact…read more here!) and maintain ongoing QI for our clients without pulling our hair out?? We have a secret weapon…AccreditCoach!

A couple of years ago we developed accreditation software that automated the entire accreditation process. We combined our years of experience and our innovative streamlined process into an online software program. We basically downloaded CardioServ’s brain into AccreditCoach! Our entire accreditation process and clinical knowledge was built into the backend of AccreditCoach. Now we just enter simple pieces of information about a facility into the system and voila …. we have compliant and accurate documents and reports!

That’s nice, but what about me?

You may be thinking…“That’s really nice for you, but how does that help me?” Last year we rolled out AccreditCoach directly to our clients and this year we have added the extra bonus of weekly eTutoring. Whether seeking first time accreditation, reaccreditation or just in need of maintaining your quality improvement program we’ve got your back.

AccreditCoach has broken the entire accreditation process down into 4 simple modules. Here’s how it works.

1. Getting Started

Most clients just don’t know where to begin. No worries! AccreditCoach acts as your project manager and prioritizes the steps you take in order to ensure timely submission. You achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort as you are guided through what to do and how to do it! AccreditCoach identifies the 5 key steps to complete first that are fundamental to a successful and speedy accreditation submission.

2. Self-Assessment

“I don’t have time to read pages and pages of guidelines and standards!” We created a self-assessment tool with easy to answer questions about your lab. The process of answering simple questions:

  • Completes your assessment to see if you meet the required standards and guidelines
  • Generates a personalized To-Do list of the actions needed to meet IAC Standards
  • Creates personalized policies and procedures needed for accreditation

You even receive all the tips and tools you need to meet each standard. We thought of everything!

3. Quality Improvement

In order to achieve and maintain accreditation all labs must participate in on-going quality improvement. Last week we discussed the new 2016 Quality Improvement Measures in part 1 of our Accreditation Hacks series. In the upcoming weeks we will provide lots of time-saving tricks and resources, but the biggest hack of all, is AccreditCoach!

AccreditCoach has automated the entire QI Program. All QI measures can be quickly entered, processed and finalized. QI Reports are generated with the click of a button! Even the clinical correlation is automated. When we said we downloaded CardioServ’s brain into AccreditCoach we weren’t kidding, this includes clinical knowledge.

  • Answer questions
  • Click a button
  • Get Report

It really is that easy! AccreditCoach will complete the evaluation for you and provide you with a final report with your findings listed as correlated, minor discrepancy or major discrepancy.

4. Submission

AccreditCoach understands that hitting the submit button on your application can be scary! Is everything good enough? Did I forget something? Will I pass? The Submit Module provides peace of mind. A Case Study Guide allows you to assess your case studies and the Final Check List will ensure that you didn’t forget anything!

Easy, Efficient, Effective

The 3 words that sum up AccreditCoach… Easy, Efficient, Effective. A simple user interface that is easy to use, providing timesaving tools to increase efficiency, with accreditation guaranteed! We encourage you to take a few moments to watch our product tour !

Contact us to see if your facility allows the use of this amazing resource. We are approved vendors for:

  • HCA
  • Tenet
  • Lahey Healthcare
  • Community Health Network

Additional Hacks

We truly believe AccreditCoach is the ultimate Accreditation Hack but don’t worry we have many more hacks to share with you in the upcoming weeks. Hacks that can be used by everyone regardless of access to accreditation software!

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