Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

Cardi-Universal – Echo Case Study Atlas!

This week, in our spotlight article, we featured one of our 2018 Mentor Award winners, Dr. Ahmed Said Saad. One of the reasons Dr. Said was noiminated is for his educational Facebook Group that includes an echo case study atlas! In addition, interesting case studies are uploaded regularily. The group has active discussion from cardiologists that share their feedback and diagnosis for each case. We found this so useful and relevant to our ultrasound community that we want to share Cardi-Universal with you! This week we will learn:

  1. How to access the Facebook Group
  2. How to access the echo atlas full of full case studies
    • Sample case study
  3. How to find additional interesting case studies using
    • Sample case study
  4. How to join if you would like to get involved with the discussion

How to access Cardi-Universal

  1. To access Cardi-Universal just head over to Facebook! You can search under groups or just use this link here
  2. When searching you must search for CARDI-UNIVERSAL (not cardiO-universal)
  3. You do not need to join in order to view cases or access the atlas

How to access the Echo Atlas

At the top of the page, under Announcements, you will find the link for the Echo Atlas google drive

Once you click on the drive, voila…a list of interesting case studies is at your finger tips!

What kind of case studies??

You tell me! Can you name the pathology? (I am going easy on you with this case!) The great thing is that many cases offer additional diagnostic testing. For example this case also includes a cardiac cath.

What about H&P? No problem. The cases include a brief history about the patient. For example, this case study includes the following H&P:

  • 6o your old male
  • Frequent typical chest pain at rest and with minimal exertion
  • Initial troponin was negative, then became postive after 4 hours
  • Echo was perfomed outside of the hospital and reported with regional wall motion abnormalities
    • Hypokinetic mid-apical anterior and anteroseptal walls
  • Patient had been diagnosed as NSTEMI
  • Cath and echo was then ordered

Diagnosis: By now, after looking at the echo and cath, you have probably guessed this case is an aortic dissection, type A.

How to access newly posted cases

In addition to the echo atlas, new cases are added on a regular basis. These cases include video clips of the echo (with often a few minutes of the echo, not just short clips). The great thing about these cases is the amount of discussion amongst the cardiologists and physicians that help diagnose the case.

In order to easily search for echo case studies use #AHMED_SAID_ECHO. Each echo case uses this hashtag! It’s easy to search using the ‘search this group’ feature on the left of your Facebook page.

What kind of case studies are available using the hashtag?

So what do you think of this case study? See how the discussion looks and flows.


As you can see by some of the discussion, this was a prosthetic Mitral Valve with a moderate to severe paravalvular leak (MR). What’s interesting is the additional feedback and discussion that follows. A great way to review and share case studies.

Join the group, if you would like to get involved, and post your own comments, questions or diagnosis. It’s easy to do. Just click the ‘join group’ button under the page banner. You will be asked a few questions regarding your profession and area of practice. Once your response has been reviewed you will be granted access to the group.


Cardi-Universal is a fantastic resource of interesting case studies. The Facebook Group has a large atlas full of case studies. In addition, new cases are added to the group regularily under the hastag #AHMED-SAID-ECHO.

The cases are great for expanding your knowledge and helping your peers diagnose challenging cases. So check it out today and bookmark the page! Thank you to Dr. Ahmed Said Saad for all his hard work and dedication to improving the field of cardiovascular ultrasound. To learn more about him, read this weeks spotlight article.

If you would like to share a product or service with the cardiovascular ultrasound commnuity, contact us!

Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

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