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Educator Spotlight: Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Fareed Ali

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Fareed Ali

I had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Ali via LinkedIn. His passion for echo and his extensive training was the perfect fit for a guest writer on our blog. Dr. Ali, along with Dr. Nossikoff, were kind enough to write on a topic that adds relevant value to the daily practice of echocardiography with their 2-part series on Echo Bubble Studies.

Part 1: 7 Indications for an Echo Bubble Study

Part 2: 9 Steps to Perform an Echo Bubble Study

As always, we like our readers to feel connected to our guest writers. We interviewed Dr. Ali and Dr. Nossikoff to learn a little more about them. Enjoy the interview with Dr. Ali and be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn. Next week we will interview Dr. Nossikoff.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Fareed Ali

Tell us a little about your background and training

I am 39 years old and I work as a cardiologist with special interest in cardiovascular imaging. I trained in cardiovascular CT in France in 2009 then I came back to my home country and had training in cardiac SPECT. Following that I went to Johns Hopkins Hospital as a postdoctoral fellow in cardiac CT and passed my board certification in cardiac CT (CBCCT) while I was there. After that I came back to my home country and got my board certification in adult echocardiography (NBE) and started my own cardiovascular imaging center for echocardiography, stress ECG, stress echocardiography and TEE.Where do you work?  Current position and responsibilities?

What are your current responsibilities?

I am lecturer of cardiovascular medicine and consultant of cardiovascular imaging at Suez Canal University Hospital, Ismailia, Egypt. I am also the owner and main operator of cardiovascular imaging center (cardiocenter)– Ismailia – Egypt.How did you end up in cardiology? What made you decide to become a medical doctor, specifically within the field of cardiology?

How did you end up in cardiology?

Being a doctor was my childhood dream. I never imagined myself anything other than a doctor. To be honest; cardiology was not my top of the list specialty but after I started my residency I really liked the cardiovascular imaging and I decided to make it my future career.What is your primary focus?  What do you specialize in?

What is your primary focus within cardiology?

My primary focus is cardiovascular imaging. I am board certified in Adult echocardiography and cardiac CT. I am also trained and practicing cardiac SPECT. My main specialty is Echocardiography (TTE, TEE, stress echo).Are you involved in any teaching or mentoring?

Do you have the opportunity to teach or mentor?

I am involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduates (as a part of my academic job). I also mentor some junior cardiovascular imagers at my department.


Listening to your story of your education and training your passion and love of diagnostic imaging is very evident. It is great to partner with others who have a desire to promote excellence. Thank you for sharing your story and for writing on the topic of Echo Bubble Study

Interested in being a guest writer? Contact us.

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