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New Nuclear Accrediting Organization: RadSite

Up until now most facilities are familiar with their options for accrediting organizations when it comes time to submit their nuclear application to seek their mandated Nuclear Accreditation. Many are aware of the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (known to many as ICANL) and the American College of Radiology (ACR). There is also the less known Joint Commission Ambulatory Accreditation for Imaging Centers too. Did you know there is now a fourth accreditation organization approved by CMS for imaging accreditation?

What is RadSite?

RadSite is a diagnostic imaging certification firm and the fourth accreditation organization approved by Center for Medicaid Services. Their MIPPA Accreditation Program (MAP) is available for advanced diagnostic imaging (ADI) services covered by MIPPA: CT, MRI, PET and SPECT. Under the Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (MIPPA), all imaging providers who offer CT, MRI and Nuclear Medicine imaging exams and who bill for the technical component under the physician fee schedule must become accredited by a CMS-recognized accrediting agency in order to be eligible for future reimbursement.

Who is RadSite?

RadSite was originally founded as a subsidiary of HealthHelp™, a decade-long provider of effective benefit management tools for diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology, and diagnostic cardiology services. Since 2005, RadSite has studied and promoted quality-based imaging practices throughout the United States, and is now an independent company performing accreditation services for advanced diagnostic imaging systems.

RadSite believes that diagnostic imaging plays a vital role in healthcare and they recognize that in addition to technological changes, the skills and policies of the personnel performing imaging studies are imperative to maximizing the information gained through imaging. RadSite believes it is important to eliminate and/or correct any poor quality or unsafe patient care. Accreditation ensures a minimum standard of imaging quality and safety for patients, performed on satisfactory equipment and interpreted by qualified physicians.

How does RadSite’s program compare with ICANL and ACR?

Upon review of RadSite’s application process it truly seems like a blend of both ACR and IAC. Through the eyes of a consultant we have often overly generalized the difference between ACR and IAC and simplified it down to the following:

ACR seems to focus on equipment quality hence the required phantom testing and they require all case studies to be normal.

IAC seems to focus on Quality Improvement hence the requirement for QI Measures, polices and abnormal case studies to assess the ability to interpret abnormal studies.

RadSite seems like a blend of the two and focuses both on equipment and QI Measures and requires phantom testing and QI measures. Both normal and abnormal case studies are accepted.

Application Period

Upon RadSite’s receipt of a signed Application Agreement, Business Associate agreement and cleared payment, the applicant has 90 days (or three months) to complete and submit the application. Applicants may request one 30-day extension by submitting a written request.

Imaging providers are asked for the following information and documentation when submitting an application:

  • Personnel Qualifications
  • Personnel Responsibilities
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Case Studies
  • Physicist Report
  • Phantom Images

Pass/Fail of Accreditation

If an applicant does not meet 100% of the standards, they can fail the accreditation process. Applicants that meet at least 75% of the standards qualify for a Corrective Action Period where they have 60 days to remedy the deficiencies and resubmit their application.

Onsite Facility Inspection

RadSite will perform a random on-site audit of every applicant or accredited imaging supplier during the application process or during the course of the accreditation period.

More Information on RadSite

The guys at RadSite are easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant and helpful. Don’t be shy if you have questions! Give them a call (443) 440-6007 and check out their website.

They also offer several webinars throughout the year in addition to newsletters and issue briefs.

Follow them on social media to get the most up-to-date news regarding advanced diagnostic imaging.

Comparison Chart

Nuclear Cardiology Accreditation

Requirements ACR ICANL RadSite
Phantom Testing Mandated Optional Mandated
Purchase phantom ACR approved phantom needed Phantoms not needed Rad-Site pre-approved list of phantoms
Case Studies Normal only Mostly pathology, only one normal allowed Both normal and pathology accepted
Opening an application Fees must be paid at time of opening application No fee to open application Fees must be paid at time of opening application
Submission Time Frames after opening an application 45 days

ACR mandates submission of all testing material (clinical and phantom images) within 45 days of application request.

No time frame. The online application can remain open and active 90 days (with optional 1-time 30 day extension)

Mandate submision of all application materials.

Case study time frames 60 days

No images will be accepted for review that predate the application by more than six months.

1 year

All cases must be selected from within one year prior to the date of submission.

6 months

All cases must be selected from within six months prior to the date of submission.

Pricing schedule Base: $1300 facility fee

Plus per unit (module 1,2, or 3)

  • One module: $700
  • Two modules: $1400
  • Three modules: $2100
Base: $3300 for nuclear cardiology testing only

Additional site fees:

  • $1200 per site for sites 2-3
  • $960 per site for 4-10
  • $750 per site for over 10
Base: $1800 per unit

Contact RadSite for multiple unit discounts

Submission of policies with application No

Policies are not submitted with the application.


Certain lab policies must be submitted with the application.


Specified policy samples must be submitted with the application.

Submission of Quality Assurance with application No Yes

At a minimum one quarters worth of quality assurance must be completed and submitted with the application.


On sample QA is required to be submitted with the application


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