Written by Judith Buckland, RDCS, FASE, MBA

New Year, New Staff, New Blogs!

We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! As is the tradition, here at CardioServ we sat down to ponder our new year resolutions. After our brainstorming session we narrowed our list down to our favorite 6 Resolutions:

  • Write More
  • Walk More
  • Share More
  • Inspire More
  • Volunteer More
  • Connect More

Write More!

CardioServ is passionate about improving the quality of diagnostic imaging so one of our new year resolutions is to write more valuable and interesting blogs. We want to provide relevant clinical resources and education to our imaging community that is easy and practical for us all to implement!

Starting this year, we will share samples of images we receive here at the office and review them with you along with tips and techniques for improvement! What a great way to teach, share and inspire! In just this month alone we will share some echo tips on correct IVC measurement, vascular tips on correct assessment of the CCA and accreditation tips for implementing the new Quality Improvement workflow!

Scroll down for a sneak peak of our next two blogs!


Walk More!

Last year we collectively walked 250 miles on our treadmill desk. This year we would like to walk 350 miles! We walk for many reasons – to stay healthy, to prevent DVTs, to keep our creative juices moving and to raise money for charity!

Share More!

Imaging in healthcare is forever changing and advancing. We would like to share industry issues with you to keep you current and in the loop. Whether its new acronyms to learn …. MACRA and MIPS, the latest imaging advancements or job positions wanted or needed… we want to share more with you!

Inspire More!

We look forward to inspiring excellence in imaging throughout both our local and national communities. We even have a new staff member joining our team on February 6th to help us! Andrea Fields, RDCS, MHA will join our team as our New Echo Director. Andrea is relocating from Indiana and we will have more information and pictures to share soon.

This year we will provide new clinical development and educational programs to improve the quality of diagnostic imaging. In addition, we are working hard behind the scenes as we get ready to launch our new innovative technology to simplify quality improvement. Why simplify? We have found that in our busy hectic lives with long ‘To Do’ lists the things we complete first are usually what is easy to do or fun to do. We want learning and quality improvement to be both fun and easy for you!

Volunteer More!

As a company we are full of unique and passionate staff members and we all drive each other to be our best both professionally and personally. This year as a company we would like to help each other with volunteer projects that we each individually care about. Do you have a volunteer project that is near and dear to you? Contact us and share the details. We will spread the word regarding volunteer needs and resources.

Connect More!

We want to stay connected with all of you! Whether through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or through emails, conferences or telephone calls, we are committed to connecting more with our Imaging Community. Please connect with us so we can form a stronger community of caring, passionate healthcare providers

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