Echo Accreditation: CardioServ Helps

eCardioServ Echo Accreditation Software provides different levels of service to meet your needs. The ‘CardioServ Helps’ Plan provides you with additional layers of support. This includes everything from consultant meetings and pre-submission application review to full service with CardioServ handling everything from start to finish.

Echo Accreditation: CardioServ Helps

All of the ‘CardioServ Helps’ plans are intended for labs seeking more hands on help with echo accreditation. The Assist and Advance Plans are intended to create an affordable option for direct assistance with one of our consultants. The Premium plan is ideal for hospitals and any lab seeking full service accreditation, including case study review with educational feedback to facilitate the understanding and performance of correct imaging techniques.


With the Assist Plan, you have full access to eCardioServ. Every quarter you will have your one-on-one meeting with your accreditation consultant. Whether you are in the middle of your accreditation or just mid-cycle and maintaining your on-going quality improvement there is always something to discuss with your consultant. This is your time to receive expert advise on hurdles you may be facing including anything from reporting issues to image quality and case study selection.


The Advanced Plan is the next step up from Assist. One of the added benefits includes monthly versus quarterly access to your consultant. This allows you to check in more often and tap into the years of accreditation experience our consultants have. Another great feature is having CardioServ complete your online IAC application. You can rest assured that your application is submitted correctly. This means that CardioServ will answer and enter all information into your online application through the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission’s Portal. This free’s up time and eleviates stress for your team.


The Premium Plan includes all the bells and whistles! With this plan, CardioServ handles everything for you from start to finish. This is a great plan for hospitals that often have a lot of moving pieces and can be a lot for one person to handle. The greatest feature of the Premium Plan is unlimited access to your consultant and personalized educational feedback regarding your case studies. Educational feedback will be specific to your case studies. For example, if there are measurement or technique errors in your studies, your report will include a capture of the specific image along with instructions on how to correct it.

Case Study Review Report Sample

We recommend the Premium Plan to anyone looking for case study review, case study selection, and personalized case-by-case educational feedback.

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