Echo Accreditation: You Can Do It!

eCardioServ Echo Accreditation Software provides different levels of service to meet your needs. The ‘You Can Do It’ Plan provides you with all the online resources you need to successfully submit your application.

You Can Do It

Both ‘You Can Do It’ Plans are intended for the lab seeking to complete the echo accreditation process on their own while receiving the online support and resources to ensure success.


The Basic Plan is intended for a smaller cardiology practice with 8 or fewer staff included on the accreditation application. These staff members include the echocardiographers and the interpreting physicians. The basic plan includes the adult echo module only, one user, one location. The Basic Plan provides an affordable option for smaller labs seeking accreditation.


The plus plan opens up access to the Stress Echo and TEE modules, in addition to the Adult Echo module. This plan offers unlimited users, unlimited locations and unlimited staff members. This plan is great for a facility that is looking to complete the echo accreditation process without any outside assistance from consultants while still receiving the knowledge, resources and step by step guide to successful accreditation.

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