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Blue Eagle Consulting: Finally Help With Your Echo Reporting Software!

We are switching to a new echo reporting software and it’s a nightmare!  Sound familiar?  Many clients have issues with new I.T. systems communicating smoothly with each other.  The recent trend of hospitals switching EMR platforms has left diagnostic imaging labs suffering through workflow issues.  Although we try to help our clients with all things echo-related, we have recently found ourselves pushed beyond the limit of our expertise.  What does a consultant do when they need a consultant? Enter… Blue Eagle Consulting!

After working with many of our clients and hand-holding them through the struggles of switching echo reporting software and/or medical record systems, we realized there had to be an easier way.  There must be people who specialize in this madness!  After lots of research and phone calls we were lucky to find Blue Eagle Consulting.

Blue Eagle Consulting

Our experience with Blue Eagle Consulting was so fantastic we wanted to spread the word!  To all you sonographers, administrators and cardiologist, feeling overwhelmed and hopeless with the integration of your diagnostic imaging software…there is hope!  Blue Eagle Consulting has:

  • worked with more than 50 large healthcare organizations
  • successfully completed over 600 projects throughout the US
  • has an incredible track record of assisting hospitals, health plans, and physician groups
  • projects ranging from workflow management to hospital I.T. integration
  • both remote and on-site services

Blue Eagle Consulting takes pride in “delivering the deliverables” to ensure you get the quality of service you deserve at an affordable rate.

Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) can help you!

Blue Eagle provides healthcare organizations, like yours, with the individuals crucial to making your large software investments perform as expected.  Let me say that again…your software investments  performing as expected! (Echo reporting software, PACs systems, EMRs, etc that you spent mad money on)  Not just patching and dumbing down your reports, or lowering your expectations, but software actually performing as expected! Novel concept!

BEC, delivers the people whose knowledge and experience improves your operational workflow vs. just the technology itself.  Their forte lies in their dedicated consultants who have the profound operational experience to integrate hospital’s IT systems and echo reporting software with workflow management.  We sat down and interviewed Mark Griffin, the founder and president of Blue Eagle Consulting to learn a little more about his organization, with the goal of providing all our readers with additional resources for handling workflow issues.

The origin of Blue Eagle Consulting

Mark Griffin Blue Eagle

Mark Griffin has over 24 years of healthcare software experience, a Business Administration degree from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, and a dream CV including past CEO positions at national companies.  Why start a consulting business? Blue Eagle was created to address a critical need that Mark saw happening, which was the shortage of both bandwidth and expertise for IT personnel in the healthcare industry, specifically, around the software side.

Mark’s journey began back in 2004, when a large health organization in Oregon, needed software implementation experts.  Mark understood this problem was not unique to this one facility.  As the healthcare industry was changing into a digital environment, many hospitals and healthcare organizations were facing the challenge of bridging the gap between software and operations.  His passion and desire, to not only help, but to solve problems and improve workflow was the start of Blue Eagle Consulting.

Echo reporting software nightmares…can BEC help?

If you have a health information technology project requiring a specific operational and software expertise, Blue Eagle Consulting can help.  Their consultants have hands-on experience with all the leading technology systems and software, including:

  • McKesson, Epic, Cerner,
  • Meditech, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks
  • Siemens, Athenahealth, NextGen
  • Trizetto (Facets & QNXT), Infor

What additional resources does BEC offer?

BEC provides additional useful and informative resources to help you stay in-the-know:

  • eBooks on such topics as finding the right healthcare consulting partner and getting value out of your vendor management partner
  • Blogs that regularly tell you about upgrades, changes, staffing decisions, regulations, testing, and much more
  • White Papers to guide you through specific topics of interest to hospitals, like coding compliance
  • Case Studies to show exactly how Blue Eagle consultants have helped healthcare organizations around the country meet and exceed their needs


Blue Eagle Consulting can help the operational workflow of your diagnostic imaging lab.  They care about ensuring you have an optimized workflow and that you are utilizing your software to its potential, while making your life easier.  All too often we see labs spending way too much time fussing, fixing and preparing reports.  Let someone review your workflow for efficiency so you can get back to doing what you love….taking care of your patients!  Connect with the Blue Eagle Consulting team today!

Echo reporting software consultants

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