Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

Staff Spotlight: Pratik Doshi

We are excited to continue our Staff Spotlight series with CardioServ’s first ever marketing intern Pratik Doshi! Pratik will be spending the summer with us working on our social media marketing, data analysis and promotions. His experience in information technology and data science will help CardioServ better track variability and quality improvement in your facilities, automate our office tasks giving us more time with clients and help in our mission to inspire excellence worldwide.  Learn more about him below!

Tell us about your education and work experiences.

I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai. While in my undergrad, my entrepreneurial spirit took me into the startup world. With three friends, I co-founded Bit2Byte Labs, a digital design and development startup. Over the summer of 2015, I interned at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad for a research project on Data Visualization. That was the first time I was exposed to data and this made me understand how powerful data can be if observed correctly. The challenging task made me very intrigued about data analyses and hence I decided to pursue my Masters in Computer Science. Currently, I’m an MS in Computer Science student at UNC Charlotte specializing in Data Science and Management.

What do you like about CardioServ?

The best thing I like about CardioServ is, it’s not a company, it’s a family of like-minded people, brought together by the universe to accomplish a certain goal! The thought process employed behind every task, taking care of every employee, putting ourselves in the client’s shoes to make sure we are doing the right thing, that’s something that makes CardioServ unique! The energy level, the enthusiasm day-in and day-out, makes you wish you worked on the weekends! I wish to stay a part of CardioServ for as long as I can!

What do you think about the future of social media, marketing and data analytics?

For years, Social Media, Marketing and Data Analysis have been exploited individually in an industrial setup. However, with the advanced techniques in analysis and with the changing times, putting all of these together makes the backbone of a company. Today Data Analysis for Social Media Marketing is one of the strongest assets of a company, as this allows the company reach out to the customers directly on one-to-one basis. Social Media platforms provide maximum exposure, letting a company understand the need of their customers by analyzing the reactions or opinions generated for the marketing campaigns. This allows companies to obtain first hand responses & opinions for any new product or service. With every industry having its online presence, billions of gigabytes of data are generated every day. With so much of data, which acts as the trump card in the marketing world, all that is required is someone to look at it and generate meaningful insights from it that, when implemented, can change the course of any company towards success!

What are your favorite activities on your days off?

When I have days off, I enjoy playing tennis for as long as I can! Tennis is a sport I never get tired off, irrespective of weather conditions. I can play tennis as long as I find a like-minded opponent! I also enjoy reading thought provoking books. My favorite ones are Blink by Malcolm Galdwell and Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.

What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

The best vacation I’ve been on was New Year’s eve last year. I was with my friends at Panama City Beach to celebrate NYE and went to Disney World on New Year’s Day 2017. Thereby ending the previous year in the most relaxing way possible and starting a new one in the world of magic! This year so far has been magical with so many new things, new opportunities, surprising turn of events in life and a chance to work with creative and powerful minds! I give some of the credit to this magical start of the year.

Judith, Pratik and Andrea at a quality improvement meeting

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

If I could, I would witness the Golden Era of the Indian subcontinent. The time when India was called the Sparrow of Gold, the time of happiness, fulfillment, luxury and brotherhood. I have the songs and read articles about it and I always felt its beyond imagination!

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That would be DOSAS!!! Dosas are a staple food for the Southern part of India and are made with rice and lentil batter. Usually Served with coconut chutney and a lentil soup prepared with spices and vegetables.

What TV series are you currently binge watching?

Currently, I’m watching House of Cards. I started watching Game of Thrones 2-3 months back, but have finished watching all the seasons and now I’m eagerly waiting for the next one!


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