Written by Judith Buckland MBA, RDCS, FASE

Ultrasound Awareness Month!

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month!

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM) is held annually in October to create awareness of the role diagnostic medical sonographers play in the medical community and to educate the public about medical ultrasound and its many uses in healthcare. CardioServ would like to recognize and thank the many individuals that work tirelessly, day-in and day-out, to provide the highest level of care to their patients.  We have found that many healthcare providers are unaware of the skill and dedication required to excel in ultrasound.  Ultrasound remains one of the few diagnostic imaging modalities that relies so heavily on the skill of the operator!  Thank you!

Recognizing YOU during Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month!

We have seen first hand how sonographers impact the lives of patients and we want to share these stories!  Here at CardioServ, we believe that each and every sonographer is a hero, in their own way.  We want to share your stories with administrators and the public to bring awareness to just how skilled and awesome the community of sonographers are!

Currently there are many organizations that recognize sonographers for their volunteer work, research or educational advancement to the field.   These are all admirable categories but this year we wanted to focus on the everyday hero!  As national consultants we are involved in the day to day lives of sonographers.  We see first hand how sonographers go above and beyond everyday.  We feel passionate about recognizing just how much you do and how vital you are to patient outcomes as part of your daily scope of practice.  This year we will recognize the single most impactful event performed by a sonographer!

Inspiring Excellence in Imaging Award

It’s easy to participate and to be recognized for being awesome!  Just submit the Inspiring Excellence in Imaging Award Form.  You can enter yourself or someone else you caught being awesome!  Tell us about that one moment that you made a difference.  Whether it was catching a misdiagnosis, alerting an interventional team to take immediate action or assisting a patient or physician.  Tell us your brief story and we will select the 3 best stories.

The two runner-ups will receive gift baskets, Imaging in Excellence Certificates and have their name recognized.  The first place winner, will win an additional $100 visa gift card along with their name, picture and story featured on our website and blog! We will even send a letter to your employee, alerting them of your Excellence In Imaging recognition.  So don’t be shy!!  Share your story!  You can submit your own story, or that of a peer.

2017 Ultrasound Appreciation Logo

Edward Casey Original Drawing Final Logo

Earlier this year we asked family and friends to help us design a logo specifically for Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM).  We wanted to be sure to create a logo that was inclusive to the entire diagnostic imaging community, showed some love and recognized your level of excellence within your skill.  After much napkin drawing, Judith’s nephew came up with our winning idea!  Edward Casey is 18 years old and has quite the designer eye!  He incorporated our heart logo to represent love and appreciation.  Ultrasound sound waves and even included our company mission of ‘inspiring excellence in imaging’!  We sent his napkin drawing off to our designer……and viola!  Next year we will open up the logo design competition to our entire ultrasound  community. So don’t be shy!  Start drawing those ideas on napkins and scrap paper!

Share the Love

How are you recognizing MUAM (Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month)?  Share the love!!  Let your ultrasound team know they are appreciated and valued! Looking for a great gift?  We are proud to release our first Ultrasound Appreciation gift!  We placed this years winning logo on a trendy stainless steel, 16 oz double insulated cup that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours!  Please check out our new online store to purchase this years ultrasound appreciation gift.  We will soon be adding eBooks and other great educational resources to our store!

Ultrasound appreciation gift

We will continue to do our part to advance the ultrasound community and we look forward to celebrating MUAM with our ultrasound family this month.  Please connect with us on Facebook to stay current with industry news.  Connect with us on LinkedIn so we can collaborate on projects.  Check out our Instagram and join us for Trivia Tuesdays!

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Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

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