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Heroes in Medicine Winner: Judith Buckland

Each year, Palm Beach County Medical Society (PBCMS) hosts the Heroes in Medicine Awards to recognize local individuals and organizations who stand out in the community by providing above and beyond services or address healthcare needs on a national basis. Awarded heroes are based on nominations and thorough interview process. PBCMS hosted an award luncheon at the Kravis Center’s Pavilion to present and honor the heroes and the proceeds support Project Access!

PBCMS Hero in Medicine Award

Palm Beach County Medical Society (PBCMS) is an amazing local non-profit organization that strives to give back to the community! This society consists of physicians and allied healthcare providers to ensure the quality of patient care is advocated, developed and maintained to improve the community’s health.

Project Access

Project AccessOne of PBCMS biggest philanthropy is Project Access. This is a volunteer based project that involves physician care, hospital care and diagnostic services for the low-income uninsured residents of Palm Beach County. They FREE preventative and early detection of diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases! With over 700 volunteer physicians and providers, they have helped over 11,000 patients



Heroes in Medicine Awards:

PBCMS Hero in Medicine Award

CardioServ wants to shine the light on our founder and president, Judith Buckland! CardioServ was honored to nominate Judith for a Hero in Medicine award, but even more honored to watch her be awarded such a prestige award! Read all about Judith’s accomplishments, along with others who were awarded as Heroes as well!

PBCMS Hero in Medicine Award Judith Buckland

Bruce Rendina Professional Award

PBCMS Hero in Medicine Award Judith Buckland

CardioServ’s founder and president, Judith Buckland, was one of the award heroes this year! Judith was awarded the Bruce Rendina Professional Award! This is awarded to those who demonstrate the desire and willingness to use their knowledge and abilities to improve the health of local, national and/or global communities. If you know Judith and her dedication to CardioServ, you fully understand this award highlights both her mission and passion.

Judith has over 20 years experience in the healthcare field, specifically diagnostic imaging. She demonstrates both leadership skills and an enthusiasm to learn. She has devoted her career path to spreading knowledge and quality passion of healthcare around the world. Judith has also given back to her community by serving on the South Florida Echo Society. As a human, cardiac sonographer, educator and peer she is seen as an inspiration to all.

At the award luncheon, they played a video clip of her explaining the importance of continuing education, passion and quality within our healthcare community. She expressed how every patient is someone’s mother or father, grandma or grandpa, sibling or cousin. It should not matter where that patient is sent to receive care from, that all healthcare providers and clinicians should have the same quality care with shared desired outcomes.

The two other winners of the Bruce Rendina Professional Award was Mark Goldstein and Gabrielle Finley-Hazle.

Mark Goldstein is the Director of Clinical Skills Simulation Center at Florida Atlantic University. Mark has dedicated his life career to developing and providing continuing education to the healthcare profession. He was the original developer of the first Disaster and Emergency Healthcare Training Facility at FAU in 2005. The lab consist of four patient simulation rooms that serve the purpose of training medical students, local first responders and healthcare professionals. Since then, Mark has implemented multiple medical education centers at various hospitals and universities to aid in the advancement of continuing education.

Gabrille Finley-Hazle is the CEO at St. Mary’s Medical Center and Palm Beaches Children’s Hospital. Gabrille strives to challenge and initiate development within her hospital. With her leadership dedication, St. Mary’s has continued to build and implement programs to provide residents the best quality care. Being the youngest female CEO of Tenet Hospitals, Gabrille is a community leader.

PBCMS Hero in Medicine Award: Bruce Rendina Award

PBCMS Hero in Medicine Award: Lifetime Achievement Award Mark Stein MDLifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Mark R. Stein, medical director and president of Allergy Associates of Palm Beach. Dr. Stein is a board certified clinical immunologist, internist and allergist who has saved the lives of thousands of children and adults in Palm Beach County. He is a Vietnam era Army Lieutenant Colonel and has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. One of his biggest accomplishments was the research on gastroesophageal reflux related to airway diseases, which lead to his publication on Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Airway Disease. He is actively involved within the community, serving on multiple organizational chairs. Congratulations Dr. Stein on the Lifetime Achievement Award!


Hero in Medicine Award

PBCMS Hero in Medicine Award: Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. James Galvin

Each year after intense interviewing and panel committee collaboration, the PBCMS picks the Hero in Medicine Award from the award Heroes at the luncheon. This year, Dr. James E. Galvin was awarded the Hero in Medicine Award!

Before moving to Florida, Dr. Galvin was famously known for his research in neurology, specifically health brain aging, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. Upon moving to Florida, he became the leader in a clinical research infrastructure in Palm Beach County. He developed a state-of-the-art research facility that involved FAU School of Medicine and Boca Raton Regional Hospital, which has treated nearly 400 participants and patients. He is known for his expertise in dementia diagnosis, treatment and research. Dr. Galvin is truly known as a “Doc-Star”!



Congratulations to ALL the Heroes that were recognized and honored at the Palm Beach County Medical Society luncheon awards ceremony! Thank you for everything you do for our community and improving healthcare. Thank you to PBCMS for hosting a wonderful event and spreading passion of healthcare to our county! Also, a special congratulations to our own- Judith Buckland! Words cannot express how honored we are to have you as a role model, leader and friend. Thank you for always leading by example and shinning light on passion and precision within our healthcare field.

PBCMS Hero in Medicine Award: Bruce Rendina Award

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Congratulations on your very well deserved recognition Judith. You are such an amazing inspiration.
Von Prince
Judith, Your receiving this prestigious award comes as no surprise! Your dedication to and passion for this profession are obvious in everything you do. Connecting with professionals who desire to push sonography and sonographers to a new level of knowledge and skill energizes me to keep giving it all I have as an educator. I look forward to collaborating with you soon! Congratulations!
Phillip D Amato
Congratulations Judith Buckland.

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