Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

Celebrating Andrea Fields 1 Year Anniversary at CardioServ!

On February 6th we celebrated Andrea Field’s one-year work anniversary ….and what a year it has been!  Join us as we look back over the past year at the joy and value Andrea has brought to our team.

Andrea burst onto the scene of CardioServ last year with a contagious desire to inspire excellence.  She relocated from Indiana after accepting the position as Cardiac Clinical Director at CardioServ, and quickly adjusted to life in sunny Florida.  Andrea’s love of continuous learning and her passion to help others, were a perfect match for the company goal of upgrading our educational blog platform.  Andrea began the process of developing a robust educational program.  After writing her first few blogs with some assistance, her training wheels came off and she blossomed into the phenomenal writer that you all know and love!

As an experienced sonographer, she empathized and understood the frustration shared by many working professionals.  Physicians and sonographers would express their desire to stay abreast of the latest guidelines and techniques, but they just didn’t have enough time to keep up with all the new information.  This inspired Andrea to write simple and easy to understand blogs regarding the latest ASE guidelines.  Andrea would spend hours reading and researching the latest material in order to break it down into easy to understand short articles.  Her vision took off, and before long readers from around the globe were contacting us to thank us for the blogs.  Knowing she is helping others is what motivates her to keep going and she has now already written over 40 blogs in her first year!  What a profound  impact she has in raising the standard of care within the field of echocardiography.

It’s not just her intelligence and drive that makes Andrea special, it is her happy spirit and desire to always help others that makes her such a remarkable part of our team and a great personal friend.  She also loves animals, and her pet Red (golden lab) has become a part of our team too!  He often joins us in the office and attends all our volunteer activities!


Andrea volunteering at the Breast Cancer Walk with Red

Andrea at her desk with Red by her side!

Andrea and her sister Chelle, volunteering at the American Heart Association Walk…..with Red of course!

Andrea and the team , volunteering at the Komen Cancer Event WPB

What the team thinks!

Don’t take just my word for it.  Here are a few words from the rest of the team:

“I can’t believe its only been a year since Andrea joined CardioServ.  I can’t imagine CardioServ without her! Andrea’s passion for education is evident by how hard she works creating our awesome educational content and presentations for the both clients and the cardiovascular community. She is non-stop working (seriously…take a break) to better the company and herself. She is always supportive of anything anyone else is working on and always has positive attitude. Congrats on 1 year!  Four words to describe Andrea:  Positive, Passionate, Hardworking, Supportive”  Rhiannon Anderson – Prior Educational and Research Director now Medical School Student!

Andrea working at a coffee shop on a Saturday, brainstorming on ways to improve our company.


Andrea leaving work with Rhiannon!

“Congratulations to Andrea on her 1 year anniversary! Within the past year Andrea’s accomplishments have been impressive, to say the least! She has established herself as a well-known “true professional” in the field of cardiology ultrasound, in Florida and across the country. She has warmed the “Heart” of the CardioServ family as well as all of our clients!  Andrea is an intelligent, dedicated and a caring individual. Not just a co-worker, she is part of the family! It has been a pleasure working with her this past year and I look forward to many more exciting years with her at CardioServ.”  Joanne Ryan – Administrative Director

Joanne and Andrea lighting candles for CardioServ’s 10 year anniversary cake!


The CardioServ Gang!

“Three words to describe Andrea…Driven, Focused and Passionate” Angela Mills – Vascular Clinical Director

Andrea and Angela at work with Angela’s Dog Bella!

Andrea and the team at the Vascular Workshop we held over the summer.

“My internship at CardioServ and my trip to West Palm Beach would have been incomplete without meeting Andrea!  Although we came from different domains, I learned a lot about work ethics from Andrea!  She is a hard worker, fun loving, dedicated, caring and just a phenomenal person!”  Pratik Doshi, Data and Marketing Intern


Everyone I asked, from physicians, clients and vendors, all expressed their appreciation for her kindness, adventurousness, intelligence and passion for improving cardiovascular diagnostic imaging.  Andrea is an amazing professional and a dear kind friend, sister and daughter.  She is loved and appreciated!  I personally feel especially blessed to have the good fortune of  Andrea joining our team.  She gives and gives, both at work and through her friendship.


Getting ready to board our plane to visit our clients in Maryland.

The amazing group we joined in India, including Pratik Doshi our past intern, and the camel that is photo-bombing the pic!

Our first world tour trip to St. Louis!

Why not share the love.  Leave your comments below and let Andrea know how much she has inspired you!


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I'm sitting at my desk at work bawling my eyes out. This is the most beautiful, accurate blog of my sister. I am so blessed and grateful for CarfdioServ and all that the team has done for Andrea, as well as myself. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Here's to many, many more wonderous years!
Congratulations, Andrea! I found CardioServ about 8 months ago, as an echo student in NJ and immediately flagged Andrea's blog posts as a weekly reading task. I share in the sentiment that Andrea does a fantastic job conveying complex topics into easy to understand, quick to read, and (most importantly) easy to apply bites of info. I tell anyone and everyone in my echo world to visit the blog and "read up" because it's such an easy way to access fundamentals. I have even used the blog to confirm values and correct measurements for TAPSE with another colleague. I have to add that the graphics are what really makes it stick because they often show right versus wrong; crystal clear examples.Love that Red joins the team (dogs make everything better!). Thank you for doing what you do and good luck in year two, Andrea! All the best.
Great, young, unselfish teacher! Thank you so much! Greetings from Croatia!

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