Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

Employee Spotlight: Joanne Ryan

This week, we celebrated Joanne Ryan’s 9th work anniversary with CardioServ.  What better time to share with you a little about Joanne!  Joanne is our administrative director, aka holds down the reins of CardioServ! Anyone who has been through the accreditation process has had the joy of working with Joanne.  A stickler for providing phenomenal customer service, Joanne is dedicated to ensuring that she helps each and every client by providing them with the personalized attention they need and deserve.

The accreditation process is not exactly “fun”, and often we are dealing with stressed clients that are anxious about their application or audit.  Enter Joanne…. she is level headed, calm and methodical.  Joanne systematically breaks down tasks to ensure that every busy doctor, sonographer and clinician can breathe easy.  Her goal is to take the burden of accreditation off their shoulders so they can focus on what they do best.  Her commitment to ensuring that each application is processed accurately, while maintaining a cheerful and supportive demeanor is masterful!

Joanne Ryan with her two of her beautiful daughters


In addition to her diligent work her at CardioServ, Joanne is also a fantastic mom, daughter, sister and friend.  She takes time to make sure everyone around her feels loved and appreciated.  We would like to thank Joanne for her nine years of service and dedication at CardioServ.  She manages a massive amount of ‘behind the scenes’ work.  We couldn’t do it without her!

Congratulations Joanne!

All physicians, clients, sonographers and administrators that come into contact with Joanne express appreciation for her compassion and caring.  She is often the unsung hero, working behind the scenes to ensure CardioServ’s success.  We are happy to brag about our awesome team member and share a few pics with you all!

“Congrats Joanne on your 9 year anniversary at CardioServ! Ever since my first day with the company, you have welcomed me with open arms not only to CardioServ, but to your family. Your dedication to our clients goes above and beyond the high standards of client relationship building. You are organized and pristine to your work, ensuring the highest quality is provided to every single clinician, physician and administrative personnel. I love coming into the office to sing country music with you and meeting you after work-hours to dance and listen to live music! You are not only a co-worker, but an amazing friend, mother-figure and family to me. Congrats again on your 9 years at CardioServ!”  Andrea Fields


Joanne Ryan

Joanne Ryan and Andrea Fields enjoying Florida weather and country music!

“Joanne, where to begin?? The words thank you are not big enough to express my gratitude for your dedication and contribution to building CardioServ.  Your caring attitude and passion for taking care of others is felt everyday.  What is even more inspiring to me is how you juggle so much and always find the time to ensure your family and friends feel your love and support.  I feel blessed to have you in my life. Thank you!”  Judith Buckland

Joanne Ryan and Judith Buckland at one of Joanne’s many house parties!

Joanne Ryan with her precious mom!

Joanne Ryan – Making volunteering fun!!

“Joanne’s dedication and passion for CardioServ is inspiring. She is always there to help us co-workers and our clients. She is the force that keeps CardioServ going!  Congrats on 9 years!”  Rhiannon Anderson

Joanne Ryan out with the gang!

“I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Joanne for many years. She is a big hearted beautiful person and a very hard worker.  She always goes above and beyond her role at Cardioserv.  I have grown to realize we are very much alike and I am better for knowing her.” Angela Mills

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Meena Sumathy
Congrats Joanne, It's priceless to work with excellent group of professionals where your dedication gets acknowledged. You wouldn't ask more when you are working with such a bunch of inspiring colleagues. Best wishes. Regards. Meena

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