Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

How to Estimate Right Atrial Pressure (RAP)

After our last post on 'how to estimate the right atrial pressure', we received questions from our readers. What do we do if we cannot assess the IVC? What if the patient is on a vent? This week we will answer those questions. Review prior article for information on: Why estimate...
Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

What the Heck is the Cut-Off Value for RVSP?!

Us clinicians commonly ask the same popular question in our field, "What is the cut-off ranges for pulmonary hypertension?!" We want to help better understand the basics of determining the presence of pulmonary hypertension with echocardiography. First let's start with one important key item to...
Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

Hepatic Veins & Right Heart Abnormalities

In Hepatic Veins 101,  we discussed the structure, function and waveforms of the hepatic veins, in regards to the cardiac cycle. This blog will cover how the hepatic veins play a role with the right heart. We tend to forget about the importance and useful information the hepatic veins provide us....
Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

Hepatic Veins – 101

As we come to an end with our right heart blog series, we want to conclude with a comprehensive look at the role of hepatic vein evaluation to assess the right heart.  We will break this down into 2 blogs this week.  This first blog will cover the fundamentals of hepatic veins and the second part...
Written by Judith Buckland MBA, RDCS, FASE and Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

RIMP to assess RV Function – What is RIMP?

In the past few weeks, we have reviewed different quantitative methods for evaluating the right ventricular function with echocardiography to include: TAPSE S’ Wave FAC This week we will review how to use the RIMP method to assess RV function.  You will learn 4 concepts regarding...

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