Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

Educator Spotlight: Jeffrey Perez, R.T. (R) ARRT

This past Saturday we held our Echo Symposium on the MitraClip.  Jeffrey Perez, from Abbott, gave a great lecture and demonstration of the MitraClip procedure.  In past weeks we introduced you to some of the symposium speakers, Dr. Christina Michael and Elyce Kwasman, MSN, ACNP.  This week we would like to introduce you to Jeff so you can learn a little more about his background and his role in the MitraClip procedure.

The first time I met Jeff, was at Bethesda Hospital.  I sat in on a MitraClip case that he assisted.  It was like watching a brilliant orchestra conductor!  He floated around the OR assessing the flow of the procedure, ensuring that everyone was on the same page.  He seemed to know everyone’s next move before they even knew!  He watched over the equipment setup and assisted the surgeon, anesthesiologist and sonographer.  I was very impressed!  Jeff genuinely loves what he does and is exceptionally gifted with both the skill and patience required for his position.

Tell us a little about your background

I received my Radiologic Technologist License and I specialized in cardiology working in the cath lab for 10 years. I have been with Abbott Vascular for approximately 3 years.  I joined Abbott for their commitment to putting the patient first. Ever since I started in the medical field that has been my passion. Working for a company that shares the same passion as I do is amazing.


What role do you play with the MitraClip procedure?

The role I play with my patients is preparation. Every patient that’s get treated with a MitraClip has to be worked up by the heart team. Part of that work up is submitting the patients TEE  to my team. We utilize specialized valve software and I obtain specific measurements of the Mitral Valve.  Prior to the patient being scheduled for the procedure, the team and I create our best strategy so that the patient receives the maximum benefit and optimal results with the MitraClip.

I am present during the procedure and assist with any needs from the CV team by explaining and guiding them before and during the MitraClip procedure.  The procedure is very complex and requires everyone’s expertise to get an optimal result.   My goal is to provide continual education to the entire team.  For some facilities the procedure is still relatively new so I make myself accessible to answer questions and teach during the procedure.  I have completed over 480 MitraClip procedures and enjoy sharing my experience.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

The most enjoyable part of my job is seeing the patient after their procedure. Being part of the patient’s procedure is incredibly fulfilling. Observing the severity of symptoms before the procedure and then seeing them post procedure with significant improvements is always rewarding.

How can people learn more about the MitraClip procedure?

We have lots of information and video’s on Abbott’s website including indications, safety information and instructions for use.


Jeff plays a vital role within the CV Team responsible for the MitraClip procedure.  He was kind enough to come and speak at the MitraClip symposium this past Saturday and we would like to express our thanks for his time and excellent presentation.  We loved watching the demo and seeing the heart model, it really made the procedure easy to understand.  Thanks Jeff!

Learn more about the MitraClip conference here!


Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

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