Written by Yvonne Prince ACS, RDCS, RVT, RDMS

Tips for Accurate Echo Measurements by Applying Geometric Concepts

Do you consider yourself naturally curious? If so, this article is definitely for you! If not… this blog topic will spark your interest! This week our guest writer Yvonne Prince is going to show you different ways to perform accurate echo measurements by applying geometric concepts to improve...
Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

Educator Spotlight: Yvonne Prince ACS, RDCS, RVT, RDMS

CardioServ loves featuring individuals that share our values of inspiring excellence and we are excited to introduce you to Yvonne Prince, ACS, RDCS, RVT, RDMS this week in our Educator Spotlight. Yvonne is the creme dela creme of sonographers! Not only is she an experienced sonographer, she is...
Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

Industry Spotlight: Northern Ohio Cardiac Imaging Association

CardioServ's next stop on the World Tour was Cleveland, Ohio! We had the honor of speaking at the Spring Echo Conference "Back to Basics" for the NOCIA.  The Society conference was held on the campus of a local college (Cuyahoga Community College). Attendees from the Cleveland and Akron area...
Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE

Employee Spotlight: Joanne Ryan

This week, we celebrated Joanne Ryan's 9th work anniversary with CardioServ.  What better time to share with you a little about Joanne!  Joanne is our administrative director, aka holds down the reins of CardioServ! Anyone who has been through the accreditation process has had the joy of working...
Written by Judith Buckland MBA, RDCS, FASE

Industry Spotlight: STARSS

Everything we do at CardioServ is driven by our passion to to inspire excellence in imaging.  The fun we have as a company is finding the best channels to accomplish this mission!  We believe that collectively as a community we can all help each other to be better.  It is this belief that has...

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