Written by Judith Buckland, MBA, RDCS, FASE and Pratik Amit Doshi

How Pratik Doshi became our rock-star intern in 12 weeks!

Attending a meeting with the team!We are all about knocking the ball out of the park, when it comes to goals. This summer we posted a position for an intern.  The mission…..if they dared to accept … was to impact our social media campaigns within 12 weeks of walking through the door.  Pratik Doshi accepted the mission and then proceeded to surpass every goal!!  Pratik Doshi joined our CardioServ family over the summer.  Within this short time Pratik quickly became part of our team.  He started his intern by spending a week with us in our office, here in West Palm Beach.  Pratik met the team and even had the opportunity to meet some of our clients when he joined us at an educational lecture we presented at JFK Medical Center.

We gave Pratik a crash course in our business culture, vision and established some goals.  Pratik Doshi then worked remotely for the remaining weeks and stayed in regular contact with the team via Skype.  He even connected with our software development team to provide input and quickly became a valuable member of our team.  We are all grateful for the work and commitment that Pratik shared with our company.  We would like to recognize him and provide him with a platform to share his success.  We asked Pratik to to write a blog on his experience and share his success!

Pratik Doshi: My Data and Marketing Internship

I was recruited as a Data and Marketing Intern for a duration of 12 weeks over my summer break. I come from a background of Computer Science with a focus on Data Science and Management. Having experience of social media analysis and marketing from my on-campus jobs, here I had an opportunity of making a real time difference in day-to-day activities of a company, help them rise faster to the pinnacle and share some credits for the same.

When I joined Cardioserv, Judith was very clear as to what she expected of me and in which direction I should focus my energy to generate maximum value out of my efforts over a short duration of 12 weeks. With a clear idea of client requirements, the business question I was facing with was how do I create a stronger brand name for their, soon to be launched, B2C segment? What can be done to prepare a launch pad for the new segment?

It was very important for me to understand the existing setup for the website and social media platforms. Over my first week, while at CardioServ,  I was brought up to speed.  My crash course included all past efforts including the newsletter campaigns and social media platform that Rhiannon was spearheading .  There was a lot of different processes already in place generating a lot of data.  With access to so much data, I could only imagine how interesting it would be to see what the data presents!

After analyzing all the data I presented to the stakeholders at CardioServ my analysis of the existing setup.  I was provided the opportunity to have a voice in the areas I felt would achieve the best results.  I decided to keep my focus on developing a stronger online presence for the brand.  I feel Social Media platforms for companies are an excellent way to reach and interact with customers.  CardioServ had expressed the desire to switch to a B2C (business to consumer) structure and what better way to launch B2C segment than on a solid social media platform! With that thought locked in my mind I began digging deep in the analytic data.  I studied the data collected over the years so I could optimize all social media platforms and the website.  I suggested an Instagram account and Cardioserv_Inspires was launched!

plan of action graph

Data, data, data….surprise!

Google Analytics provided me the data of how the traffic on our website and social media platforms were flowing.  This information was crucial to understanding how to optimize CardioServ’s different social media platforms.  CardioServ wanted to build a community of like minded members.  I wanted to ensure the voice of this community was heard and that CardioServ adjusted and changed to meet the needs of their growing social community.

While reviewing all the numbers, I fell upon some data that was outside of the scope of my project but was directly impacting CardioServ.  I found a flaw that was causing followers to fall through a gap.  This was affecting both the user experience and CardioServ engagement!  I immediately alerted Judith and we scheduled a company Skype call.

I presented my findings and after analyzing this data and weighing my options, I came up with a strategy.  The team agreed and upon implementation gained a 45% increase in this area of need within weeks!

Mission accepted and exceeded!

As my intern came to an end, I not only met my goals but I exceeded them.  With the implementation of my strategies I increased our Facebook likes by 123% , increased our daily engagement by 25% and extended our reach by 62%!  CardioServ even added Instagram to their social media platform.  I had also significantly improved traffic through CardioServ’s service pages.

Increase of website traffic

Thank you CardioServ

I learned a lot from my experience with CardioServ.  They made me feel like family and from day one I knew the “why” behind their business.  I understood their purpose and I was excited to be a part of that big picture.  I had a clear understanding of the company mission, and it was one that I valued.  This gave me a greater connection to the company.  It was this connection of trust and inclusiveness that allowed me to open up with findings that were outside of my original scope and solve a silent problem.  Thank you CardioServ!


Pratik Amit Doshi

MS Computer Science, University of North Carolina


Interested in interning at CardioServ?  Contact us!

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