Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

6 Clues to Determining Presence of Cardiac Tamponade

As sonographers, we have all commonly experienced the patient presenting with shortness of breath and unable to lay down flat for their echocardiogram. As we begin to scan the patient, we immediately visualize a large amount of fluid around the heart. Keeping our poker faces on point, we take...
Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

What the Heck is the Cut-Off Value for RVSP?!

Us clinicians commonly ask the same popular question in our field, "What is the cut-off ranges for pulmonary hypertension?!" We want to help better understand the basics of determining the presence of pulmonary hypertension with echocardiography. First let's start with one important key item to...
Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

3 Essential Color Doppler Measurements for MR

We started our mitral regurgitation (MR) blog series to provide our readers a clear & easy understanding of the basics to evaluating the mitral valve structure when MR is present. If you need refreshing or missed the blogs, you can find them here: Mitral Valve Anatomy: Name 5...
Written by Andrea Fields MHA, RDCS

FYI: Temporal Variation & Blood Pressure Matters for MR!

Let's talk about some basic hemodynamics that take affect when evaluating mitral regurgitation (MR). We previously broke down the step by step process the heart encounters when dealing with acute & chronic MR. If you've missed or need refreshed on our previous blogs, you can find them here:...
Written by Judith Buckland

Pulmonary Hypertension Case Study Presentation

Correct Echo Techniques in Pulmonary Hypertension: Case Study Presentation An 85 year old patient presents to the ER with worsening shortness of breath and a history of known pulmonary hypertension. Her chest x-ray reveals massive cardiomegaly. An echo is ordered to assess the status of her...

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