Written by Judith Buckland

Intersocietal Accreditation Commission – New Audit Process!

I hope you had a chance to review the current and upcoming changes to the QI program. It’s good to know that come QI Reports and Clipboardthe New Year things will really start to get easier with just 2 report reviews and 2 AUCs per quarter instead of the usual 10 report reviews per quarter and 30 AUC annually. Phew!

Now that you better understand the new QI program and the direction its heading I would like to review the new audit process. IAC has implemented a new online QI program within the IAC application. Currently the new online system has been implemented for all random audit processes. Instead of receiving a paper audit during your 3 year accreditation cycle with a request for confirmation of current demographics and/or the request for QI documents, you will now instead receive an email notice to log into your accreditation portal and go to the AUDIT tab. The audit tab will provide you with all the necessary instructions.

  • You will be asked to enter 30 consecutive studies (patient name, MRN, etc.)
  • IAC will then randomly select 4 cases
  • You will have to complete the QI process on these 4 studies

New Online QI Program

What are the features of this new online program? The new online program allows you to assign QI Users while limiting their access to your accreditation application. A QI User:

  • Can be anyone you assign regardless of their current status on the application
  • You can assign as many QI Users as you like to complete case study assessments
  • A case study assessment can be assigned to just one QI User or multiple QI Users

Case Study Assessment

During the case study assessment the QI User will be required to review the assigned case studies. In the case of an audit this will be the four random cases IAC selected. You will need to review the images and final reports of these 4 studies and answer a series of multiple choice questions about the selected study including questions regarding the appropriateness of the study and the technical quality. Once all Users have completed their review, an analysis report is generated. This summary report scores both the quality of the study and the level of agreement between reviewers.

Currently the IAC QI portal is only required to be used during an audit but all labs have access to the QI portal and you can chose to use it at any time to enhance your QI program within your lab.

We recommend that you log in to your online IAC application and check out the QI tab and start familiarizing yourself with the features. The staff at the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission are all kind and helpful professionals so don’t be shy about calling them! The portal has lots of information too and even has some videos you can watch to learn more.

CardioServ provides full audit assistance. If your lab is audited, schedule a consultation and we will provide you with recommendations on the best way to proceed

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